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My Upcoming Adventure

I got the most interesting of phone calls on Thursday. I was at my local Vietnamese restaurant, engaged in a big bowl of pho with a colleague, when my cell phone rang. I saw the number on call display was a military number of some sort and not wanting to be rude I sent it to voicemail. When I checked the message a little while later, it was the standard generic “call me back” message from my Reserve unit’s Chief Clerk. When I got a moment, I did.

She informs me that she has my DAG (departure assistance group) checklist ready to go for me to pick up. “What DAG checklist?”, I ask. “For your tour”, she says.  I’m instantly very confused. While I had volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan next year with the new Canadian mission there, Op ATTENTION, I was informed a few weeks ago that there were very few positions available, and I didn’t get one. Turns out they came out with another batch, and I did. The Chief Clerk wasn’t aware that I hadn’t been told I had one coming.

So, I had to compose myself a little bit. Having resigned myself to not going, I was a little stunned by it – and when I got down to the Orderly Room and actually saw the CFTPO print out (which basically is the position information and my nomination to fill the position), I was pretty impressed. My last time I was supposed to go, I never got that far, I just got told it would come together eventually, and at the last minute it didn’t, leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth to say the least. This time it all looks good.

So, early November I’ll leave my day job and move to the mounting base – CFB Gagetown, near Fredericton, New Brunswick. (I think, anyhow). CFB Gagetown is about a four hour drive from my place in Halifax, meaning weekends when I don’t have to be there I’ll be able to come home – and there’s going to be some leave in there for sure. February, we head off to Afghanistan. I know where I’m going – or at least, where I’m slated to go for now, but I can’t say just yet. I plan to keep up on Twitter and expand this blog as much as is possible while I’m there, that’s kind of what I joined Twitter for when I thought it was happening last time.

In the mean time I have some running around to do, realizing that I have a lot of little stuff to take care of before quitting the country for long time, and I’m making a list. First thing, my wife’s demand, is getting a new car as the Jetta we drive right now is on its last legs and she doesn’t want to rely on it for the winter. Fair enough, we have narrowed down to two choices and I’ll have the decision made tomorrow. I also have to actually inform my day job boss of this development which should be fun too. But I’m tackling that tomorrow. Then it’s mostly the mundane pre-deployment checklist items to deal with. It’ll be easy enough.

Stay tuned… if you’re interested anyhow.