On the election

Well, I’ve voted. I decided since we’re moving this coming weekend it made more sense to vote beforehand. Technically I’ll be in transition between two different ridings, but I think it makes more sense to get it over with – I won’t likely have anything to prove I live in the new riding and I’m registered in this one. Curiously, my wife wasn’t registered to vote here even though I know I checked that box on her tax return. (Sidenote to Americans: I don’t know if you guys do this, but we can registered to vote by checking a box on tax forms that provides your information to Elections Canada and generates the card that tells you where to go to vote. It’s not essential to vote, but it’s a neat convenience)

I have a shocking confession. I voted for the Liberal candidate. I think this is a solidly Conservative riding, it certainly has been been for recent elections. I wound up voting Liberal not because I especially like them (I certainly never have supported them before), but because like a lot of people, I’m sick of the arrogance of Stephen Harper and his party, and I’d rather like to see them weakened. It seems that my major complaints about the Liberal platform have somewhat abated, and realistically, I don’t see there being a majority either way, I like the idea of an even weaker Conservative minority that might force Harper to accept that he cannot do everything he wants to do.


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