Easter Musings On Religion, Culture, And So On

I’ve been fairly busy of late on Twitter dealing with more religious clowns. Busy of course isn’t really the right word, but it seems the most accurate. It’s not that I don’t have better things to do sometimes, but I actually find tossing out some tweets about the world to be therapeutic and rather stress relieving in some way. And anything that shines the painful light of reality on the deluded is probably some form of public service.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t hate people who are religious. In fact, for the most part I don’t have any issue with what anyone believes personally. It’s their right to decide to believe what they want, after all. It’s when those beliefs impact my life, of the lives of others that I have an issue. When religion crosses into politics, or is used to justify hatred, bigotry, discrimination, that is when I go on the attack. The net result I suppose that I’d like to see is religion disappear from the world, and I tend to think it’s inevitable anyhow.

Lately, though, I’ve been getting quite a kick out of the fundamentalist Christian buffoons who think the world’s going to end next month (May 21, 2011 to be specific). I guess what I’m really waiting for is to laugh on May 22nd when I can highlight that either their claim was bollocks to begin with, or they just weren’t good enough Christians to make the cut. Of course, the rational person knows it’s the former.

I’ve also been “enjoying” the idiocy of a great Twitter character, @MissRaissa, AKA Raissa Nkuma of Ottawa, Ontario. Raissa is a true Kool-Aid drinking Christian, who seems to think her own bigotry and ignorance is all good because it’s sanctioned by her god. She’s particularly bigoted against homosexuals, and that’s been the source of most of the drama lately. Specifically, she’s a fan of the rather idiotic “slippery slope” argument against treating homosexuals like human beings, going as far as to suggest that if we start treating homosexuals decently, we’ll eventually (by an as yet unexplained mechanism) be pressured to accept pedophilia.

You can’t make this shit up.

It got more ridiculous when she seemed to condone child rape in a series of cryptic Tweet rantings where she stated that we might have to accept that “some kids might like it”. I could link you to all the tweets, but if you’ve read this blog for a while you know that generally I post on the fly and I really don’t dig for links, but you’ll find them easy enough.

She then refuses to understand that the key difference is of course the concept of consent, and that the reason for equality is that the state – and really society – has no business being interested in what consenting adults do in terms of who they love. It was summed up fairly well be Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau: “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.”

What’s more amusing to me is that she’s been posting a series of tweet rambles about her distaste for Canada’s fairly socially liberal society. I cannot help but be annoyed by someone who is a recent immigrant (and where she’s from and so on is irrelevant, I’ll get to that in a moment) whining incessantly about the culture of this country. I have very little patience for that.

And trust me, it’s got nothing to do with where she’s from, nor the colour of her skin. I actually get a big kick, like my father, about listening to Britons who immigrate to Canada and then launch into complaining about how we’re not like Britain, we don’t play cricket, we don’t call sidewalks “pavement” or soccer “football”. My father tends to get a great deal of delight calling these people out. He came to Canada in 1969 from England and realized very quickly that Canadians wouldn’t change for him… but at the same time, we’ve always welcomed newcomers for whatever reason, and integrated their best traits in. Growing up in the Toronto area gave me the opportunity to experience this well, but even in rural Nova Scotia one sees the influence of the myriad of cultures that make up Canada. People that come here make a choice to come, and I’m glad they do, but bring the best of where you came from, leave your bigotry and hatred behind. I think we’ve got enough to deal with as it is.


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