Twitter Drama?! Really?!

Well, it’s been quiet a few days…

I’ve been watching, mainly without commenting, on a whole lot of … I can’t believe I’m even posting about this… “Twitter drama”, which I can’t really figure the start of out – but it’s somewhat interesting, somewhat funny, and really somewhat pathetic.

I think it all started with the discovery, on Twitter, of the rather bizarre character that is Joe Cienkowski.  Joe is, in my estimate at least, a poorly educated, barely literate felon (though, granted, he was only a small time dope dealer), who somehow decided he was going to become the World’s Greatest Fighter Of Atheism(TM), something he reveals through Twitter that he really doesn’t understand too well.  Joe’s sort of a classic “Liar for Jesus” to borrow a term – his tweets are barely coherent and he obviously doesn’t pay any attention when he’s called out – I’d almost think he was a bot, but a well written one.

A dogpile ensues when people like this crop up, and it did, through which I made the acquaintance of a very large number of fascinating tweeters, actually.  Some are just pitbull polemecists, some are just great debaters, one’s even a Christian type who’s rather rational, and while I don’t agree with her ideas, she took the time to construct a reasonably sound argument to defend one of her positions, and I had to give her credit for that.

As people do, of course, some parodies of Crazy Joe appeared, and some other nonsense happened, including Joey making some rather bizarre and totally inappropriate remarks to one of the people he was trying to bludgeon with his intellectual awesomeness.  Note, I’m kidding about that – one of the folks I met, one @movingtomontana, actually bought the book and is currently producing amusing videos ripping Joe’s insane argument that atheism is a religion to shreds.

I guess this is where the drama started, some exchange between one of the Fake Joes and another certifiable nutter on Twitter, @juanitaberguson, a quixotic “street preacher to Twitter atheists”, who I presume has probably converted no one.  Jesus Jane hosts a podcast “radio show” that a few religion-free folks have gone on, but apparently despite it having previously been somewhat reasonable, the last one was some kind of disaster rigged in favour of the God Squad.  I, of course, don’t find that surprising.

The exchanges that have happened regarding fake accounts, “identity theft” (according to Jesus Jane, anyhow), and so on are just ridiculous and humourous, and I have to wonder why anyone even really cares.  In fact, I’ve realized posting more about it is just playing in to it.

So, I’m not going to.

(yes, I know.  worst post ever.)

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  1. Jeremy Hoover on

    LOL! Far from the worst post ever! I don’t always see your tweets so I enjoy your blog as a way of catching up on what you’ve been up to.

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