My Trip – Or How I Know The Terrorists Have Won

Well, I didn’t write a post on the Toronto-Ottawa leg.  It was too short to bother, anyhow.

Arrival was fine, got my bags in only a few minutes, got the ferry off the island, and took the shuttle downtown.  Walking up to breakfast at Cora’s I swear 50 caps honked and waved me over, making me wish I had a sign that said “I don’t need a cab”.  Good to see my friends I met for breakfast, walked down to Union Station with the intent of locking my bags up somehow, and going to play tourist a bit in what is for all intents and purposes my hometown.

And there I learned that the terrorists have indeed won.  There are no longer any lockers in Union Station and the only way to check bags there is to be a Via Rail passenger.  The info service at the station was utterly unhelpful save to suggest I could drag my stuff to the Metro Toronto Coach Terminal which might still have lockers.  Not really a good solution.  So I worked out an alternate plan, jumping a GO train (Toronto’s rather excellent commuter rail system) to Pickering where I used to work, dropped bags there, visited old colleagues, retrieved home theatre receiver that was in for warranty service before we moved, and then met a friend who gave me a ride to Oshawa where I went for drinks and then met another friend who gave me my ride to Peterborough.

Today’s parade went well, last night into long discussion about various current military affairs – about Afghanistan, about the direction the Army is taking over the next few years (we think, anyhow), all kinds of things like that.  When Canada’s current role in Afghanistan ends in 2011 it’s going to be very interesting to see what the Canadian Forces does next, not that I have really any idea, nor do I plan to speculate much.  The conversation was improved substantially by whiskey of the finest in the greatest traditions of the Regiment.

I think Monday I’ll get to the airport nice and early, check my bags early (have to call Porter and see what they can do about that) and then I can play tourist until my flight leaves.  I’ll have a little time anyhow.

Tonight, I think I’m just spent.  I’m going to find a comfortable couch in the officers mess and get me some sleep…


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