If I were an American conservative, I’d be embarrassed…

I’ve been stunned by the Tea Party phenomenon. First, there’s the fact that’s it’s an obviously fake grassroots thing, being bankrolled by all sorts of plutocrats who are proving a pretty solid ability to manipulate the ignorant masses.

Throughout the debate over healthcare reform in the US, the right wing in the States has proven over and over again that they are unable of contribute anything of value to the discussion. Obama and the Democrats offered repeated opportunities to the GOP to contribute to the process, and they offered nothing. The Teabaggers didn’t help with perceptions, given the lies and vitriol that spewed out of that movement. Even more pathetic than that is their incredible effort to claim that it’s just liberal plants that are making them look bad. Sorry, but if you can’t offer any evidence of that, no one is going to take you seriously.

I just don’t get the attraction of embracing intellectual mediocrity. When someone tells me they have any sort of positive opinion of Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck for example, I just find that embarrassing and sad. Palin is an uneducated quitter. She has nothing of value to offer America politically, I to this day do not understand who thought it was a good idea to involve her in McCain’s presidential campaign. I don’t think it ultimately mattered much, because McCain on his own failed to inspire anyone. When your country is economically in the shitter, embroiled in two quagmire wars, and looking for something to look forward to, getting up and shilling for the status quo isn’t likely to get you anywhere – or at least it shouldn’t.

And then there’s Glenn Beck. This man I don’t understand the appeal of at all. I’m not going to disparage him for his past of substance abuse, though I sometimes wonder if there’s still something going on. I have to commend him for his ability to exploit the stupidity of Fox viewers with his idiotic populism. And I do enjoy the stories of those great battles of wits between him and the likes of Alex “FEMA Camps” Jones, one of the most disturbed individuals I’ve seen on the interwebs. I don’t get how people just listen to him make up stuff, distort history, and spin things in almost incomprehensible ways. Then I learned a little about where he got his “inspiration”. It’s a book called “The Five Thousand Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen, a deranged Mormon member of the John Birch Society. Now, all Mormons are deranged, but this guy was far beyond the average… You know you’re right out of Hee Haw when the Mormons think you’re giving them a bad name.

Skousen’s book is an early effort by religious wingnuts to rewrite history, particularly American history. And through a Mormon lens, no less, according to an excellent article on the guy from Salon. It’s something to read, so here’s the link. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2009/09/16/beck_skousen/print.html You’ll be staggered that anyone gives this any credence. I recently witnessed a Twitter exchange between a couple of my favourite nutjobs about Beck, and how they think that while he’s got good ideas (really? where?!) they don’t like that he’s a Mormon instead of whatever their take on a “TRUE CHRISTIAN” is. Then they go on to talk about how great Skousen’s book is, obviously ignorant of the fact that it’s some screwy Mormon agitprop from some self-aggrandizing idiot.

What little I can tolerate of Beck shows that he’s the ringlieader of a circus of stupidity. I can’t listen to him go on long before having to shake my head at his misrepresentation of history, or his ridiculous scaremongering. It’s not like he actually has anything particularly insightful to say, it’s just some schlocky bullshit. I love his logic. “I’ll make a bullshit statement, then challenge the person I’ve smeared to call me with my prop phone and correct me”. What sort of ridiculous position is that? Not like anyone who’s actually intelligent that he’d call out would waste their time on him, anyhow.

It just trickles down to so many people. Yesterday I got introduced to the “Ron Paul Republican”. Basically, take an idiot who proves the old adage that a little knowledge is dangerous, fill their heads with some nonsense about libertarianism, make sure they have no real idea what they’re talking about, and then release them to the world with no debating skills. These people are just disgusting. I don’t understand how they think so highly of themselves, because they really don’t get anything. I could go into a whole other post about why I think people who think the gold standard is the greatest thing in the world are stupid. Maybe I will some day.

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  1. D.S. on

    Thanks for this essay. It really has been embarrassing.

  2. glennbeckbulletin on

    You may enjoy my blog, the Glenn Beck Review:

    • warriorbanker on

      Thanks for the link – the article reprinted about Beck on your blog is an excellent one, and all these Beck zombies really should read it.

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