The First Steps In Reform Getting Closer!

I’ve spent probably far too long today watching the House of Representatives debate on the Senate bill.  During the last two days it seemed that the Democrats were getting closer and closer to the 216 votes that are needed to pass the bill.  I think CNN reported it fairly early today, probably before I went grocery shopping actually.  (That, incidentally, was my one “accomplishment” today), everything else was a write-off).

I find the whole Stupak/pro-life nonsense a little baffling, but that’s probably at least in part the Canadian in me that sees no point in that debate.  It’s just basically over within Canada, only the nutty extreme right wing still goes on about it, and the rest of us just see that there’s better things for our politicians to worry about.  Just listening to the baffling bullshit that is spewed by these people astounds me, but fortunately they’ve been gotten on side by the executive order promised.  I don’t see any issue with that concession either, really, as long as it doesn’t restrict access to abortion overall.  Whether it will or not isn’t something I’m in much of a position to assess, it’s not something I know much about.  Ultimately, as well, it’s a minor issue in comparison to the accomplishment of getting this bill passed.

Now it’s winding down, the Republicans are blustering away with the same bullshit ranging from innocuous whining to ridiculous blusters about “totalitarianism” and “socialism”.  I’ve got a laugh from the fact that some lobby group is running ads on CNN still that prattle about the “Deem & Pass” concept that has long since been dropped.

It’ll be interesting to see the response from the right.  It’ll be hilarious, I suspect.  They’ll whine and bitch, and before long, they’ll accept the fact that the bill makes things better – though not perfect.


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