Insane Right Wing Paranoia

Insane paranoid ideas aren’t anything new among right wingers in the USA.  They’re coming out in full force again though lately, and if it wasn’t dead serious stuff, it’d be pretty funny.

A few weeks ago, someone sent me this link: which claims that 3700 Canadian soldiers were massing in Barstow, California, to quell an expected rebellion.  Now, the real reason those troops and their equipment was headed to Barstow was much less insidious – they are Task Force Afghanistan 1-10 – the next rotation of troops headed to Kandahar in a few months.  I was actually hoping to be on that Roto but fate had other plans for me.

This kind of thing isn’t really new – in the 1990s, an old soldier friend of mine told me, a bunch of Canadian Army vehicles painted white with UN markings were shipped down to the States to complete some training for a deployment, probably to Croatia.  Some insane militia types in the US believed it was an invasion by the UN (which of course has no standing military or means to accomplish such a thing, never mind motivation to do so!)

Now, I have no real idea what the “EU Times” is, the website is US-based, and seems to be chock-full of nutty articles, with a vaguely anti-Semetic and racist undertone.  Not really something I’d consider legitimate journalism.  However, it’s stuff posted on the net, and apparently people read it.  And probably give no critical thought to the idiocy of the article.  Why would Obama need 2700 Canadian troops (to whom he has no authority to give orders, incidentally), what impact would they have on a state with a population that I think is as large as Canada’s?

Some of this stuff then ties into the longstanding conspiracy theories about the existence of  of massive interment camps, like are described here: which is even funnier.  It refers to “concentration camps” being set up on military bases in Canada.  It’s like someone looked at a map of Canada and decided remote communities with the word “Fort” in the name are military bases.  They claim Halifax, Nova Scotia is one such site.  Pretty laughable, overall, but again, it’s nutty.

Then today AlterNet ran this piece from Mother Jones: which really encapsulates the whole thing.  The INTERPOL thing was pretty laughable (and MJ highlights just how stupid Glenn Beck’s tirades about it really were), and it seemed to roll out of the nonsense about Obama’s comments on a destire to have a civlian national security force as well funded and capable as the military.  When you write it as Civilian National Security Force, it suddenly sounds like a new separate organization, which is  not actually what Obama was talking about – he was referring, of course, to making sure that law enforcement organizations were funded adequately to do their job.

I guess the paranoid set is a good market to target, because there’s so many people into it – Alex Jones, Hal “I swear this Amero coin is real” Turner, and so on.  It’s just insane ideas being spread without basis and it seems as though the internet just makes it easier to spread lies and make them look like truth.  Too few people critically analyze what they’re reading, the axiom of “it was on the internet, it must be true” is still holding very true, moreso now with the fact that the folks who like to parrot this stuff have their ideal archenemy in office in President Obama.

I just hope it stays as a comedic sideshow, not reality…


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