About Guilty Pleasures & Enlightenment

Everyone has those weird things they do from time to time that are inexplicable. Sometimes they aren’t even pleasurable yet we do them anyhow. I’m no exception to the rule in that regard. I have a few such traits. I bite my fingernails, particularly when I’m bored or anxious. I used to smoke but gave that up ages ago, and it wasn’t even that hard – but I’ve bitten my nails for as long as I can remember and it’s something I’ve never been able to stop doing. Even though it’s a nasty habit, it’s readily apparent to others I do it, and from it I derive no actual pleasure, more like inconvenience and occasionally pain from going to far.

I have another such nasty habit. One that gives me an actual measure of enjoyment in a sick and inexplicable way. From time to time I’ll listen to talk radio – especially insane religious radio – or when I’m in the car that has XM I’ll sometimes listen to the audio feed of FauxNoise. I make my wive cringe from time to time on the drive home from work when I throw my favourite talking head buffoon on, the incomparable Glenn Beck. Actually, there is worse, I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh while travelling in the US, but Beck on satellite radio is more than sufficient most of the time.

With religion radio the pleasure seems to derive from the smug feeling I get listening to people who are brainwashed, some kind of Schadenfreude like feeling of superiority that atheists cannot help but feel from time to time. Sometimes I listen to get myself angry at the bullshit propaganda they spread, too.

It comes in handy occasionally too. Yesterday I was engaged by an individual who started recounting verbatim Beck’s screwy history of the world with respect to the gold standard replete with his Beck’s opinions and errors. Saved me some time by cutting to the chase a bit.

Every now and then Beck says something that’s actually insightful but the problem he has is the one that plagues all teabaggers I’ve heard from: they assign the blame incorrectly, and while they are adept at finding problems, they offer no workable solutions.

That’s where I guess I derive the pleasure -from being able to support my position by knowing that for all the complaints they have yet to propose any sort of answers.


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