This epiphany I had this morning

This morning I tweeted an amazing little epiphany I had. Not that in any way I support terrorism or in particular radical Islam, but I think Osama bin Laden has it all wrong.

Lately he stated his goal or ideal is to destroy the US economy and kill Americans. Lately, he’s been not exactly effective at that. Perhaps AQ inspired people in Iraq and Afghanistan have gotten some “success” sadly killing soldiers with IEDs, but that’s not really accomplishing his aim. And when it’s people I know it just makes me more upset.

Instead, the US Supreme Court seems to have provided a better opportunity. Osama should just fund the health insurance lobby and the Republican Party. Delaying meaningful health insurance is killing Americans at a much faster pace than any of Al Qaeda’s pathetic efforts, and America’s conservative movement would likely waste no time getting back to destroying the US economy if they got back into power. It just takes some financial support.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Osama can simply call it a day with the Al Qaeda thing – these cons will need a pretty significant boogieman to justify blowing trillions on another foreign misadventure, whether it’s in Yemen, Sudan, or Somalia. It’ll make the process just work faster that way.

As for me, well, I’ll just keep trying to persuade people that there are some major things America needs to get around to fixing, fast. Maybe last night’s speech will inspire some Dems to get on with their job and make the USA a proud and prosperous nation and an inspiration to all again.


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  1. D. Sisti on

    Smart angle. Catastrophic death always garners more attention then the deaths of a million cuts caused by institutionalized injustices.

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