My other Twitter “obsession” – atheism, and fighting creationism.

I never figured I’d get so fascinated by atheism as I have. I think being exposed to some of the nonsenes that comes out of the Christian fundamentalist knobs who use Twitter has forced me more into an extreme position on the matter than I ever normally would have expected to be.

At the end of the day – I don’t have any issue with anyone having personal religious beliefs. If that’s what you need to give your life meaning, than so be it. What I take real issue with is religion in any form influencing public policy. That is to say, when someone else’s religious ideas will impact my life or anyone else’s life, I have a very, very serious problem with that. Mainly this emerged from watching the circus that goes on in the United States with creationism and its various pseudoscientific incarnations. If you’re daft enough to believe the world’s 6500 years old, or that an invisible man created everything in seven days or whatever, then that’s fine. But keep it to yourself. The fact that it’s even an issue whether we should be teaching this kind of nausea-inducing bullshit to children, however, is a different matter. I cannot for the life of me believe that this is even some kind of an issue. It’s ridiculous from soup to nuts.

The thing is, when people present creationist ideas they seem to all bray from the same related talking points, I’ve seen it happen in so many ways. They harp on “transitional fossils”, we point out the many that exist. They shift the discussion to unrelated topics like the origins of the universe. They launch every conceivable logical fallacy, and fail to offer up a shred of science in the first place.

That’s the way the arguments go though. Someone asked me, “If evolution is so obviously correct, than why is it so controversial?” The answer I gave was simple: “It isn’t controversial.” It is only made to sound that way by the people who want to make it so. They create a controversy and then use that manufactured controversy to prove the debate needs to happen, when it wasn’t a debate to begin with. To make matters worse most of those arguing so passionately seem to have no idea what the modern theory of evolution actually entails – and you can’t even direct them to read a decent book on the matter because they’ve got their minds so closed.

If you’re an adult that wants to close up your eyes and accept what Dawkins called “the creation myth of certain group of Bronze Age desert tribesmen” (or something akin to that, anyhow, I haven’t got the book handy), then fine. But let schools teach kids the real science of where we came from over some 3.7 billion years. They deserve to know. And if they want to reject that and adopt some cockamamie ideas on their own later in life, whatever. But don’t expect people who advocate science and rationality to stand idly by. We’ll keep up spreading truth, because the world needs it.

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  1. Adam on

    What books would you recommend on the modern evolutionary theory?

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