Healthcare – the current passion

Since I started using Twitter I think I’ve gravitated more than anything else to the discussion of healthcare reform in the United States. Why that is I’m not totally sure. Obviously I’m not American so fixing the USA’s baffling healthcare system isn’t really all that important to me personally. My wife is American, and all her family, as distant as most of them are, live there – and the system they suffer with revolts me to the core I guess.

More importantly, though, I think what really galls me is that the much needed debate on how to improve healthcare in the US is anything but a reasonable or productive discussion, because the lobbies who perceive they have so much to lose have put up so much propaganda that it’s difficult to really get anywhere. I’m hoping to do a little to help advance the discussion.

I’m going to start with a simple primer on Canadian healthcare, since it’s what I know. Not everything is going to have references attached at first – understand that I’m undertaking this whole process initially from my iPhone and to build out the links will take time. I’ll get there though. I hope anyone who reads this finds it enlightening.


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  1. Jeremy Hoover on

    Curious–what does your wife think about the differences between the two systems, since she has actually experienced both? Does she prefer one over the other?

    • warriorbanker on

      She unabashedly prefers the Canadian system. She has a chronic condition (Crohn’s disease – though fortunately she’s so far only had a fairly minor case of it). The prospect of dealing with the US insurance market with such a potentially expensive pre-existing condition is not something she would be too happy to contemplate. In Canada that will never be a factor in our life. While our system has its faults and challenges you would find her most unwilling to trade.

      • Jeremy Hoover on

        Sorry to hear that. My mother, who lives in Windsor, has the same condition. I know what you mean. There are too many problems with the US insurance market.

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